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  • Advantage
  • Technological
Brand advantages

Professional experience garnered over nearly half a century has enabled Somnopro Group to be a leading bedroom supplies brand in China. We will utilize our advantages to work with you to achieve mutual growth and benefit.

Over the years, the Somnopro brand has been deeply ingrained in the minds of the public. We have received nearly a hundred international and local major awards. They include: “Excellence” awards at national, ministerial and provincial levels, and the highest awards for the furniture industry - Silver Prize for National Quality Award, National Inspection-Exemption, China's Well-Known Brand, Guangdong Province's Well-Known Brand and numerous Gold Prizes in International Furniture Fairs. In 1999 the “Somnopro” name was already recognized as a “Well-Know Trademark of Guangdong”. Somnopro was also credited with being one of “Top 10 Chinese Trademarks with Potential”, as well as “Well-Known Mattress Brand in China's Furniture Industry”. It also received “Consumer's Preferred Brand for Furniture and Mattresses" in the "Inaugural Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chinese Market Product Quality".

In 2017 the World Brand Lab—one of three major brand evaluation organizations in the world—listed the Somnopro brand in its “Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” with a brand value of RMB9.827 billion. It was the 14th consecutive year in which Somnopro was included in World Brand Lab's list.

Product Manufacturing Advantage

Product Development, Technological Advantages

Somnopro Group's customary dedication to product development, design patents and protection of relevant intellectual property rights has meant significant advantages for our products: We received a new utility patent for “mattress used for cold and hot weathers” in 1996; We received a new utility patent for “special spring” in 1998; We received a new utility patent for “spring net of mattress” in 2001; We received a new utility patent for “soft and hard mattress” in 2002. The Somnopro Group's technological improvements and innovation abilities have been well received by the market and the public, as a result of which we were credited with “National Excellent Technological Enterprise” in 2008.

In recent years Somnopro Group undertook several initiatives. We established the “Somnopro Sleep Research Centre” in partnership with Leggett & Platt. We also developed our proprietary “iFeel deep sleep sensory system” which has been described as a breakthrough in mattress technology. Indeed the system incorporates over 40 years of experience garnered by our experts and state-of-the-art information technology. Our IT capabilities also enable us to integrate and analyse various sleep-related data such as after-sales services, product development, and research, in order to obtain information on the core needs of the Chinese public when selecting mattresses and sleep-related products. We embrace the ideas of comfort, support and health, and built 3 major development systems based on such ideas. Somnopro's products are therefore backed by our powerful research and development capabilities. They are also more in tune with consumers' demand for visual sensation, touch, hearing, olfactory and emotional appeal, easily making them best-sellers among consumers.

2.Product Manufacturing Advantage

Production Capacity

The Somnopro Group currently has four major production bases, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hebei province.

Production Techniques

The Somnopro Group stresses improvement and innovation in production technology. We partner with foreign professional companies and invest heavily in state-of-the-art production equipment and technologies to progressively perfect the production of Somnopro mattresses. We were the first in China to introduce fully automatic computer controlled faceting machines with double heads and a single needle. We also rely on our technological capability and produce proprietary automatic high-speed cutting machines and rim sewing machines in order to improve our production scale and product quality. Leggett & Platt, a world-renowned furniture materials industry leader, has entered into a strategic cooperation with Somnopro Group to jointly establish a “Somnopro Sleep Research Centre” and “Spring Coil Mesh Testing Centre”, where sleep-related issues and products are studied.

IT Management

Between 2009 and 2010 Somnopro Group engaged IBM for the implementation of its ERP and OA projects, thus optimizing its business processes and effectively improving production efficiency.

Channel Advantages

At present we have over 2,000 outlets nationwide under Somnopro Group including Somnopro, BellaRest, Spring Air and Slzzp Town etc., out of which 1,800 outlets have undergone full upgrades. Our channels cover a wide range, including home furnishing hypermarkets, large departmental stores and streetside shops. Our proprietary channels are complemented by our distribution channels. Together they showcase Somnopro Group's considerable vitality and attraction.

After-Sales Service Advantages

The Somnopro Group boasts a comprehensive after-sales support system. All our five major production bases as well as our Beijing branch are equipped with an after-sales service hotline to enable them to rapidly handle customers' inquiries. Our Head Office is equipped with an after-sales department. It is fully responsible for coordinating door-to-door testing and maintenance. The Somnopro Group is also the first company in China to offer up to 15 years' warranty for key mattress parts. Customer satisfaction is a key operating tenet for the Somnopro Group. Our professional and meticulous after-sales service concepts give consumers considerable confidence and assurance.

Operating Support Advantages

The Somnopro Group's scientific and practical chain-store operating model and elite management team groomed over many years will give comprehensive support to partners, significantly reducing initial operating cost and risks while helping them to quickly achieve normal operations and profits.

  • Includes guidance on site selection, renovation and design for boutiques, renovation subsidies, shop management and sales counsellor training, and commencement planning guidance.
  • Training Support

    The Somnopro Group's “Somnopro University”, a new initiative, will provide systematic, multi-faceted and comprehensive training support for our employees and partners. Among this, our regular “Top Shop Manager Training Camp” will provide high value-added support for shop operation, personnel management and promotional planning.

  • Business Development Support

    Our regional organization's business staff conduct regular visits to customers, providing them with market information, and recommendations on sales channels, promotion, and public relations matters, thereby helping our partners' initiatives in the market.

  • Marketing Planning Support

    The Somnopro Group's numerous professional departments and regional organizations work hand-in-hand to plan national and regional topical promotional campaigns and field promotional activity support for housing estates and outdoors. In conjunction with investments in advertisements at Group and regional levels, we ensure sales capabilities and advantages for our partners.

Franchise hot line

Northern Region:020-83383301-2821

Southern Region:010-84430559
Western Region:028-85100048
Eastern Region:021-61199236

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